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You Have a Voice: On Supporting the Right to Non-Violent Protest

You Have a Voice

What do people have in common with their stomachs?

They both grumble…sometimes a lot.

I live in Arizona, where we are currently having a teacher walk out. This is in response to being the 5th lowest state in teacher wages and benefits per pupil spending. This is serious. We are a right to work state so those teachers could suffer a loss of employment by walking out.

Earlier this month there was a nationwide student walkout to protest gun violence. This was in response to the shooting in Florida. We have had several school shootings, several of which have resulted in deaths. Students are saying, “This one will not be swept under the rug. Something must be done.”

So why the grumbling? I read FaceBook, editorials, and listen to people talk. People are angry that teachers are walking out on their jobs or that students are “taught liberal ideas such as a walkout.”

I looked at both of these episodes so much differently and would like to present another viewpoint.




    *Underage Children

    *Textile Workers

    *Postal Workers

    *Martin Luther King


    *Nuclear Weapons

    *Equal Rights (Great March)





These have all had powerful marches and/or strikes that have changed the course of how we as Americans view ourselves and each other.

Marching did not necessarily make everything “all better,” but what it did do is it gave the people, the common everyday person, a means to say, “Enough is enough. You, who I voted for, are not getting it done. I need to tell you that I am not alone in thinking something needs to change.”

When I see young people march, for causes I believe in or not, I see a generation that is learning to protest conditions in a non-violent way. I see a generation that cares enough to organize and say, “My vote does matter, and if you forgot, I am here to remind you.”

So to all of those that march, I support your right to say, “I have a voice.”

-Kara a.ka. Epic Engineer

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Kara Peterson

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