Conscious Living With Your Kids


That is all I have left.  Sixty-three weekends until my youngest child leaves the house to become his own man.

It made me think of a lesson I heard long ago q-tips or popsicle sticks. As a parent, we are in survival mode. We are paying bills, making sure we get healthy meals into our children, and doing the “have to’s” and “musts” with the kids. We often forget to carve out special time with the people we adore most in the world, simply because we are running on fumes.

The popsicle activity makes you and your children notice.  Count out how many weekends you project that you have left before your child or children leave the house to start their own lives. Put these in a jar of “still have.”  After each weekend is finished, have your child move one from the “still have” jar to the “spent and gone” jar. Ask your child what is one activity that you did together or as a family that meant a lot to them as a person. What mattered? If nothing comes to mind, it was a whole opportunity wasted. If one comes to mind, get your label maker out and put on the stick, “planted garden May 2018” as an example.

I will have more ideas and go more into this on my live, but I would love you to join me in #makingitmatter! I would love to see your pictures on my Facebook page at Fun Why Stories!

-Kara a.k.a. Epic Engineer

Kara Peterson

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