Welcome to Which Essential Oil Are You?

I am a Certified Aromatherapist and I spent a lot of time designing these questions and answers

so that hopefully this quiz is as accurate as it is fun!


You have just received the most amazing news ever!  How do you react?
When I am in a group for work or a community project (i.e. PTA):
When I am on an airplane and a baby starts crying:
When I feel very strongly about something:
When I meet a stranger:
What is most important to you?
For important decisions, I like to:
My idea of the perfect afternoon is:
When it comes to life long dreams and desires, where are you in accomplishing them?
Which word best describes you?



I hope you enjoyed this quiz!

If you know a little (or a lot) about essential oils, you probably know that they often work

dynamically in your body to help you with opposite issues.

So, this quiz may have picked the oil you need to let the true you shine instead of the oil you are.

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**Have you heard of the Law of Attraction?  How about Opposites Attract?

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